Job Seekers

  You have skills and you want to use them—- Job hunting or looking for dynamite internship?  Like, no LOVE politics?  Consider applying for one the election staff positions listed as open for the 2012 Presidential candidate President Barack Obama‘s web site.  No employment opportunities are listed on Governor Mitt Romney’s website.  But try his headquarters.  Who […]


#JusticeforTrayvonMartin ABC BREAKING NEWS: The police video tape  of the Zimmerman arrest on Feb. 7, 2012– does it support the facts alleged in the police department incident report also dated Feb. 7, 2012? It is reported that the lead Investigator’s recommendation to charge Zimmerman with Manslaughter was rejected by Police Chief and affirmed by Deputy […]

Rethinking the ideal of “Justice”

I thought I believed in standing my ground.  Fighting for a position in the face of wrongs, to further public rights, protect client interests, etc.  Now I am rethinking the concept, what is justice and where is the body politic sentiment  today. Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and “standing your ground”. If a slightly built teenage […]

At last…

Hello I have started and then abandoned many blogs before now.  But I am tired of yelling at the television and tearing up newspapers, when I really have something to say, information to pass on, fillers for space.  Welcome to my piece of terra firma on the Internet. Grab a cup of your favorite libations; […]